Friday, June 1, 2012

Six months In Six Months To Go

Well I knew when I began that 60 goals in one year is A LOT! I have met quite a few, I have totally missed on a few, and with half of the year left, I am more than determined!

Every month on the first day of the month I have toasted mom and reviewed the list. Unfortunately, I haven't been diligent at blogging my progress. That is about to change. It is still difficult for me to accept that I cannot call mom to ask her advice. It is especially difficult as the boys age, and I grow into a new phase of parenting. However, I am driven by my promise to her that I will have the GREAT life she prepared me for. I will not only have it, I will enjoy it and share it with others! SIXTY...She would have turned 60 this year. OK, I will not write the entire list each time I blog but since it has been six months I think it is appropriate...

So, momma here is what I have accomplished so far...

1. Nope, I didn't win the 2012 Pres Club, so that means I am earning the 2013 trip to Kenya! Working on it! 2. I have started to speak publicly a little bit more. The response has been positive and I need to step out of my comfort zone a little bit more often. 3. We have been given opportunities to give in big ways, and God has provided funds. 4. Nate and I are planning a trip to the Holy Land in February. 5. Yikes---I'm still drinking Diet Coke...

6. Hawaii is planned 7. Lake Michigan in the fall 8. We go to Cali July 16 to see Vicki John Shannon Dylan 9. Still need to plan the SC trip 10. Nothing spur of moment has taken place yet

5 New Things
11. June 9th we are doing Feed My Starving Children Event and later going to Chicago mission with boys 12. No play yet 13. Haven't made your pie crust yet 14. Journals start this summer 15. Dance to Diana Ross -- not yet


16.Made noodles once 17. Been really bad at taking vitamins 18. WOW I REALLY MESSED THIS oNE UP 19. Yay I have been writing notes and texts but i could be a lot better at this! 20. I have been researching the awful disease abut more importantly the people that seem immune! 

21. We have 5 verses we all know and we are starting on our sixth! They are all the verses highlighted from your Bible. 22-25 Nate and I have faithfully prayed for the boys' health, each other and the prayer of Jabez everyday! 26-27 I have not read the WORD everyday But we are getting much better. I always think of you in your chair with your coffee on the screened in porch reading your Bible and praying. 28. I actually joined two new small groups 29. I have calendared time to serve others into my week each week. I remember you always meeting, cooking or helping someone. 30. You would be cautioning me about saving for the I think this one is good:-)

 31. I toast you each would say my wine tastes like juice:-) 32. I haven't found anything strikingly red yet! 33. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the memorial yet. 34. On Saturday at our work convention I trained all day wearing black and white polkadot dress 35. I'm trying to seek intelligent people --- but you are hard to reach! No, really trying to be specific with my mentoring time!

 36. Nope to exercise 37. So close 5 lbs away from 125 38. Sometimes is it on an exercise ball. 39. Getting better- how did you train yourself to become such a morning person? 40. Yay-YES

 41. In October 42. Yes photos in frames! 43. We need to work on family games- do white sox games count? 44. Nate and I are dating learned that from you and dad:-) 45. None yet- just like the videos of me 46. Jer/Raelenna are great went there plan to visit again soon 47. Yes 48. Yes 49. We haven't done this as much... Need to start this summer 50. Yes!

51. I have read about 9 so far, my favorite being RESONATE! 52. I need to work on this a little more, but I have definitely increased mentoring time. 53. Yes better calendar! 54. Yes I hired Candace! 55. Wow, definitely didn't make 3 hard calls a day Jan-April but I did in May, and I will continue 56. Yes, I've completely changed connection to computer 57. Yes, I have made a lot more face/face connections 58. Working on this:) 59. I do pray for local leaders everyday. 60. Yes.

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