Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mom, The Business Woman

Today I read a wonderful tribute to my mom today. Her boss sent me an email containing his contribution to her journals. During my mom's celebration service we had journals all over the tables for people to write memories so that my boys could have great memories of my mom.

Greg gave me several pages of heart today. One of my favorite parts of my mother was her business sense. Her tenacity to work and achieve. I feel that on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. However, there are other parts of my life I feel too. Daughter, wife, granddaughter, mother, friend, woman. I know my mom felt all those roles. There is a smile that crosses my face though when I think of her work ethic, her joy in the struggle.

I have always loved my work. Whether is was Steak n' Shake, teaching, or running my business, I have always taken pride in doing a good job. I get this from my mom. While there may be times that I live out of balance, while there may be times that I work too hard, I feel good today knowing she would understand, agree and even smile at that part of me.

I love all that my mom created in me. My life is full because of her, not empty.

I will fulfill my promise to her....My life will be great and full and happy.

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  1. Rachelle,
    Don't know if you remember me or not, but your Dad and Mom had become good friends with Fred and me. This is Anita Hull from SC. I met you shortly after Norma's passing at the steakhouse in Summerville SC called Breck's. You reminded me so much of your Mom when I met you. I miss Norma greatly. There is probably not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. She and I had a lot of common, whether it was quilts or "junkin". We always would say when we got together that we need to go "junkin". She loved antiques as did I. We had planned a trip with your Dad and her to a little town in SC named Waxhaw. The town is loaded with antique shops. That trip never materialized. I regret it terribly now. Norma worked very hard and was good at what she did. She and I were close in age. You are very blessed to have had her for your mom and we all love your Dad. He too has just brought joy into our lives here in Summerville SC. He's one of those people you feel like you've known all your life. I think of Christmas of last year and the James Island Christmas lights. Your mom loved them. And, then there's the night out with the Summerville crowd to a little Italian restaurant in town named "The Red Pepper". You mom sat next to me and I can still her laughing at the story your Dad was telling about the "herding of the cattle with the 4 wheelers". She just "howled". And, when I heard you laugh at one of your Dad's stories at the steak restaurant, it was like she was laughing thru you. You favor her a lot. Not long after she passed, I felt the urge to go to an antique store here in town and came across a little blue crock. It's as if she was telling me to buy it, and I did. It's in my foyer and I am reminded of her when I go in there. In the little time I got to know her, we realized we had a lot in common. I have enjoyed reading your blog this evening. I've been trying to find it. You dad kept telling me how to search for it. He finally emailed it to me. The last time I saw your Mom was several days before she passed. I work at the hospital and I went to ICU and they had her in isolation. I remember giving her a little wave and thumbs up and mouthed the words, Take Care of yourself!!. That is the last time I saw her. I met your Aunt Vicki and sat with her several times in the waiting room trying to help her deal with what was happening. Then came word that she had joined Jesus in heaven. I sat at my desk and sobbed. Went home and sobbed some more. Fred and I went for a ride by ourselves as he too was very upset for your Dad and sad that she had passed. We drove thru a neighborhood that was fairly new and in the woods, there was this dogwood tree standing all alone in the woods and I felt a sense of peace looking at it. It was in full bloom and made me feel like Norma was saying, "I'm ok, quit your worrying!" Please know that we all loved your Mom and I'm sure she's in heaven bragging to all about how wonderful a daughter you are. Hope to see you in the future... Anita Hull