Tuesday, June 9, 2009

God Loves Me and Likes Me!

If you have loved someone, truly loved them, then you understand that statement. There are times that I love people but I sure don't like them at the moment. People that we love can sure disappoint us. They can make us so angry we want to scream, cry, spit or swear.

Mom would always say it isn't important if everyone likes you. It is important that the Father likes you.

What she meant is that God ALWAYS loves us. His grace is ALWAYS sufficient and that is not based on my actions, but there are times that we disappoint God, when he would "not like us " even though he loved us for the moment.

So when I look at whether people like me or not, I have to be honest and say, it always bothers me when they don't. However, it bothers me more if God would be disappointed in me if I changed my action.

For instance, sometimes doing the right thing for a friend may upset the friend. It may make them dislike me in the moment, or even for a long time. However, if I feel my action glorifies God and may bring others closer to Him, then my action must always be for his affection not that of my peers.

This is especially hard in business. Sometimes making the moral decision means losing money. It may mean putting off a promotion or actions may even be considered "mean" when dealing with moral vs. money decisions.

Mom was so wise. She would always tell me. There is absolutely NO WAY to make everyone like you. The important thing is that God likes you.

So I am encouraged that today I may not have made money. I may not have made new friends, but I know God liked me today, and that makes today a better day.


  1. Your mama said there would be days like these..she went through her fair share of tough days.. One statement I remember.."Hold your head up and have no regrets." Miss her everyday. She was like my big sister..Kim

  2. Have I told you lately how proud I am to call you my sister?? You continue to amaze me with your wisdom and determination to serve our God, despite the pain you are experiencing...I love you so much and am constantly praying for you and the boys! We're here if you need anything!! ~Sarah

  3. I'm sorry you were sad. I think that both your mother and your heavenly Father are very proud of you. I don't think you do much without thinking of how He would perceive it. You are a great mentor and i love you; because you are my friend.