Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making The Best Of a Really Bad Situation!

Last year, my company announced the annual meeting would be held in Orlando! FANTASTIC! Mom and Dad have a timeshare there. Mom and Dad were so excited to be in charge of the boys while I attended meetings and Nate lounged by the pools and played a little golf.

April 2009, mom passes away, and we really consider canceling the family trip. However, we decide it will be great for all of us to get away.
June of 2009, Kaden falls through the ceiling and ends up with casts on his left-hand side of his body. We decide he will be much better by then and still keep the trip on the books.
August of 2009, we learn that Kaden still cannot put ANY pressure on his leg, so we will be wheelchair bound in Disney.

THE TRIP! While there were many obstacles to overcome it was a delightful trip for all. Kaden was such a trooper. Nate was a SUPERHERO dad, and Carder couldn't have been more understanding and polite. Dad was glad to be with his boys and continued to spoil them as only GaGa knew how.

Sometimes life throws curveballs and other times it seems that you are continually being hit by the pitch, yet there is always the choice for peace and enjoyment. I'm not saying this wasn't one of the hardest weeks of my life in many ways. It totally was. However, I know that I am blessed to be surrounded by people that choose to see the silver lining in every storm cloud. Praise God for my amazing family. We learned a lot from mom in that way and I hope we can continue to live the way that she taught us to live.

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