Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wonderful Dad

So, most of the time when I am posting, I am talking about something that mom taught me. Or my grief, struggle and search for joy. Well the same is trud today as well....Mom always taught me that I was so lucky to have the Dad I have!

Nate and I just returned from Maui after 7 days. Dad had taken the boys on Thanksgiving down to his parents. The boys shot guns with their cousins, played tackle football, rode on 4-wheelers and had a good 'ole Carder good time.

He then brought them back home to Channahon (4 hour trip), showered them, tucked them in and took them to our church on Sunday. He proceeded to wash their muddy clothes, lay out their school clothes and prepare them for a great week.

During the week my dad cleaned out our garage, cleaned out my refrigerator, cleaned my house so deeply that it probably feels naked, baked warm cookies for the boys each day, fixed meals each night, sewed Carder's blanket and did a WONDERFUL job spoiling the boys.

I cannot imagine any other man, grandfather or dad that is so able to be hunter, fisherman, handyman, seamstress, cook and baker. As lucky as my dad was to have my mom, I think mom was even luckier.

I came back a refreshed me. Dad knew that his babygirl needed a break. Only a parent can have a love that deep. So deep that when he is hurting the worst, he still serves and helps his daughter to help her heart heal.

God's love is like that. I AM SO FORTUNATE for the parents that I have. Often times, people feel bad for me in the absence of siblings. God more than made up for whatever I may have missed by granting me two of the best parents any gal could ask for.

He is now making the 4 hour trek back to Southern Illinois, before he starts out for the 13 hour drive to South Carolina tomorrow. I love you Daddy!


  1. Wow! What a Great Post Rachelle! You do have a wonderful Dad. I am amazed at all he did but dont doubt it one bit! I am so glad you and Nate experienced Maui. Bruce and I went 18 months ago and it was beautiful. It is a great place to be close to God with all of its beauty. And on a good note your Dad was enjoying one of his most rewarding times- spending time with his grandsons which he talks about non stop. So I'm sure it was a healing time for him also. And what can I say he loves to organize and dang he is good at it! Have a Great Holiday! Love Jane

  2. Rachelle, You are blessed and so is be able to call you daughter. Isn't family wonderful? Only God could of thought of something so great. Love you, Debbie S.