Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today there was another celebration of life. Unfortunately, I could not be there to celebrate the life of the man that forever changed our family's life, and my hope in the Lord.

Rick Starr was a man, a dad, a granddad, and he was normal. He had the most amazing gifts and heart, and he also had faults, was human and super competitive in sports. That may not sound like the best eulogy, but you have to understand that it really is.

You see, Rick taught our family that real people can do amazing things for God. Before Rick, we assumed that you had to be perfect, know the Scripture inside and out, and walk a perfect Christian life to change the world, be worthy of a miracle or have real relationship with God. Rick showed us the other side of Christianity - FAITH. He showed and taught us that our God is a POWERFUL GOD of miracles. He taught us that with the faith of a mustard seed we could really move our own mountains.

My mom's mountain was breast cancer. We were not given a good diagnosis. Sarah Sutfin's mountain was brain tumor. They were not given a good diagnosis. Rick prayed with us. He taught us to believe our Father's promises. He stood in the gap for us.

I firmly believe that because of the power of prayer, my mother survived not only breast cancer but a horrible car accident and brain injury. I thank God for Rick Starr his influence in our life, and his legacy of faith that he has left. He taught us to trust God in all things

I only wish that God would give those of us left here a glimpse of the glory in which people like Rick, mom and Ross are experiencing. I can only imagine the great days of talks and enjoyment mom and Rick are experiencing.

I pray for my dad and Debbie. I pray for Sara, Bethany Jake and Josh. The hurt is so raw for them right now. My hurt is still so deep and dark. Yet, because of Rick's way of explaining Scripture, I know there is amazing hope and power in prayer despite the outcome of his battle with cancer.

After struggling so deeply when a friend of mine lost his mom to cancer in college, I asked Rick, "Why did she die, I prayed the same way as I did when I prayed for mom, and I REALLY believed."

Rick said, and I'll never forget, "Rachelle, do you think you are God? Do you think you learn a magic prayer and everyone is healed?"

He went on to explain that our God is The Mighty Healer. He is capable. He can. That is all we have to believe. When we believe that, miracles can and often do occur. But God, is still God. He knows what is best in ALL situations, and our will must always surrender to his.

I only wish I could be a better person on this earth. So many that have invested in my life deserve for me to live with more intention, more passion and more love for others. Thank you Rick, Thank You Ross, Thank You MOM!

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