Friday, January 15, 2010

Network With Mom

So today for my business, I attended something called EWomen's Network. It is just a group of women business owners that collaborate to network, share and grow. I sat at a table with a woman about 5 years older than mom that said, "I'm 60 and just beginning my life." Immediately tears flooded my eyes. I had to gain my composure.

I have come a long way in my grief. However, I still want to scream, "ITS NOT FAIR!"

Mom was just beginning her life too. We had so many plans, so many dreams, so many things on our bucket list. The week before she died, she said, "Honey you better hurry up and make a lot of money because I'm not gonna live forever and we have a lot of traveling to do."

Oh mom, why didn't we just do it? I watched this woman today say how happy she is. I thought, "I hope her daughter realizes how lucky she is."

Life is so short. There are so many experiences and I intend to live it. I miss you so much that I could crumble today, but I won't because that grit you gave me is strong and real!

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  1. Its just poopy, isn't it? just hard and poopy. like one minute your going along and life is good..ok. then whammo the emotion just overwhelms you and you are shocked, taken aback? You think that you're a little more in "control" of your greif. I guess what's nice is that you seem to really be taking the live today motto to heart. Something that your mother apparently wanted you to do desperately. Live a great life today. I think you''re really trying Rachelle; who can all say that? You're reaching and pulling and reading and looking and listening. You are trying to move throught the molasses of grief. It's not easy, it's hard and senseless at times, mean too. But, you are trying; making progrss even? Just keep moving. You continue to be an inspiration. so loved.