Monday, July 6, 2009


Daisies have been a special flower for me for years and years. As a little girl going through my mom's hope chest there were all kinds of them that were pressed and crumbling.
Mom would get out the wedding album and the GREAT BIG Family Bible and show me the flowers from the day she had married Dad.
Later in life, daisies gained a new meaning to me because they are also July's flower. Oddly enough my mother's birthday is in July. However, a special little boy named Devin was also born in July, and as a group of loving friends and prayer warriors, we would meet daily to pray for him daily, we posted a large daisy on the door of the classroom where we prayed, and above the daisy it said, "Flower Power."
My sweet, sweet husband gives me a present on the first day of every month. On July 1st he gave me daisies to plant in the backyard. He was not aware of the significance of the month, but he did know that daisies were my moms favorite.
Today as I walked out on my patio, I smiled as I watered the daisies in full bloom. I think about mom and Devin in heaven, and I know they are in full bloom enjoying greatness we cannot fathom. It doesn't take away any of the hurt, sadness or longing, but it does give me strength to complete another day.
I look forward to the day that it is not so difficult to just focus. I look forward to really enjoying a day again. Not too long before mom died, she said she enjoyed seeing the sparkle in my eye again. She recognized I had found true happiness and satisfaction in my business, children and life. I ache to feel that again, I ache to be the daughter she raised me to be.
I know it will come for me, and now I'm just resting in the peace of knowing she is in full bloom.


  1. Never doubt that you are the daughter your wonderful Mother raised you to be. Even though it seems like you have more than you can handle right now, just remember that your Father never gives you more than you can handle. He is always there with you and he carries the load if you will give it to him. It doesn't seem fair that Kaden broke his arm and his leg, but as your Mother would tell you, "Life isn't fair, but God is good all the time." Wasn't she a wise lady. She loved God and she loved her family and her friends. I feel blessed to have called her a friend. I am praying for all of you daily. Sometimes you will just come into my thoughts and I know that I need to pray for you. Isn't God good? All the time. He reminds us when we need to pray. Love to all of you. Tell Kaden to hand in there. He is a tough little guy. Wonder where he gets that???

  2. They are so pretty, Rachelle! Thanks for sharing about their significance. I love Gardenias. They're my grandma's favorite flower, and they're really difficult to grow...but she ALWAYS can get them to bloom! I know someday they'll have special significance for me, too.