Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom would have been 57 today. We would have talked. We would have talked about our month-ends and about how having birthdays at the end of the month is no fun with our jobs. Then, we would have giggled and said that we secretly like it that way. Dad would have been planning to take mom out, and mom would have been scurrying to get things done at work so she could be ready. I would have told her that she is the best mom anyone could wish for and she would have said, "I know honey, you are lucky to have me," and then we would both just giggle.

I don't feel like she's been gone for four months, and yet I long to just talk to her. I miss her so much that my bones hurt. My sweet, sweet grandma called this morning, and just simply said, "We will get through it today." I can't even begin to imagine her pain or Popsie's. As much as I yearn for mom I cannot imagine losing my child.

57 reasons why I think my mom was THE BOMB!

1. When she would get really tickled, she would simulate holding her nose like she could somehow hold the tears of laughter in by doing that.
2. She was always using fake tanners and turning her eyebrows orange, and then she would say, "Well at least I don't need an eyebrow pencil."
3. She was my best friend.
4. She had great style yet insisted on comfy shoes---like naturalizers and clarks.
5. She could laugh at herself.
6. She read The Scripture everyday.
7. She'd always say "That's my gift" when talking about her temper or other weaknesess, because we always were in search of ours since singing and playing the piano were definitely in our makeup.
8. When she loved, it was unconditional.
9. She would buy way to much clutter, and then call me to tell me, "I just bought another thing you're gonna hate."
10. She supported me in EVERY aspect of my life without judgement.
11. When referring to Carder's temper tantrums she would say, "You just don't understand how mad we get, and if you did you wouldn't punish him."
12. She would often say, "God love him." or "God love you." in the most affectionate way.
13. Daily she prayed for my family's protection by God.
14. For years she thought Robert Redford was the hottest thing walking.
15. She would affectionately talk about Daddy and say, "Oh honey he is just sweetest, prickly guy ever." What she meant was, Dad has his own way of doing things, but a SUPER Great heart.
16. She loved Diana Ross.
17. She taught me a long bath can cure almost any ailment.
18. Chocolate and sweets were her diet.
19. She drank bitter red wine and called my wine syrup.
20. She had grit.
21. She knew how to be a great friend even when others didn't know how to be it for her.
22. She cursed out many, many fast food drive thrus after pulling away to find the wrong order.
23. She never complained.
24. She would say about Kaden, "He is going to do Great things, Rachelle."
25. She didn't like crowds.
26. She didn't like to be looked at, so when she got her new "bug" she got so embarrassed because everyone kept looking at her that she drove dad's vehicle.
27. She called her parents everyday.
28. She would always laugh and say, "You can have XYZ when I die, but now that doesn't mean you should tell them to pull the plug if I sneeze."
29. She was clumsy.
30. She didn't mind if people didn't like her.
31. She was drawn to intelligent people, and stretched herself to grow.
32. During chemotherapy when she was 35 and I was 14, She was so sick, but wanted to go places. So, I would drive her around and it was "our secret."
33. She loved daisies.
34. After Christmas she would buy tons and tons of JUNK, then the next year bring it all to me and tell me I could give it away. I would say, "Why don't you give it" and she would say, "My friends are classier than yours." We would just laugh and laugh.
35. She loved RED.
36. No obstacle was ever too big in her mind. NONE.
37. After her brain injury from the car accident, she would take IQ tests to make sure she was still smart.
38. Everytime we would get ready together, in my teens or even the last week of March, she would say, "Keep working, you are almost as pretty as me."
39. She flew overnight and changed planes twice just to spend an evening with me for my business last year. Little did we know it would be our one and only time to share that part of my life together.
40. She was hilarious.
41. She learned to text just so we could talk more.
42. She was completely fair and honest.
43. She was a runner.
44. Even though I was her only child, she never thought or expected me to be perfect or to be her life. She gave me what she had so I could live mine.
45. She was the ultimate GaGa.
46. She learned to cook and bake when I got pregnant because, "All grandma's have to learn to cook."
47. She learned to Scuba Dive.
48. We always wanted to go to the Holy Land together.
49. She was the ultimate worrier. After Grandma Bertha died, she became the world's best worrier.
50. She was a prayer warrior. She prayed all of the time all day long.
51. She would often say, "My Father will take care of that for you." She was speaking of her Heavenly Father.
52. She loved polkadots
53. She taught me that laughter is the best part of every marriage.
54. She loved Gatlinburg but hated country music.
55. She was adventurous.
56. She was great at balancing all life brought her.
57. She loved me, and she was and is my hero.


  1. Through my tears, I am laughing and agreeing with the list that you posted. It is funny how the things you post remind me of your Mom. She was the one and only Norm. Loved by all, (how could anyone not like her)a friend forever through all that life gives us, always there, always busy, always thinking of how she could help others. Never willing to take the credit or praise for anything that she did for others. A great person to call a friend. Call me some time. I want to tell you what God told me about your Mom???? I am using Kev's computer, so hope this gets to you. SJG

  2. Dear Norma,
    I'm sorry that I didn't get to meet you. I try and "see" you through your loving daughter's eyes! You sure were something. I want to thank you for giving us Rachelle. She is your gift to us. We're trying to take good care of her, but I know you probably have it all covered :)

  3. Yout mama is so great that a "Top 10" list could not describe her. Even a "Top 57" list is not long enough. Yes, tears flowed today because like you all, I wanted to do was hear her voice and tell me, "It takes alot of money to look this cheap, but that why I have Den." After that, Mom would tell me how wonderful L'erin and Alex were and how happy she was they were part of her life because she practiced on them and look how well she did because her boys were perfect. Yes, she was a great friend, a wonderful spiritual partner, and a very proud mama. She is the best. Happy birthday Norm. Thanks for the memories. I'll see you "Over the Rainbow." Much love..K

  4. 30, 36 and 50 inspire me. 39 makes me cry. You two have the bond all of us moms and daughters aspire to. I love you and I love your mom! Raising my glass way high to you both. I hope you feel her hugs tonight. Love Elaine

  5. Rachelle - tough day for you I am sure. I didn't think I'd see my dads next birthday and I can only imagine when I won't be able to celebrate it with him. You keep saying enjoy life to the fullest and it's a choice to make it a better life. You are so right and so easy to say. I cried for you and celebrated your mom when I read this. I only met her a few times at church, not enough to say I knew her, but through this you allow us to know a wonderful, incredible woman. I hope my children love me an ounce as much as you love your mother. You are truly an amazing woman and I love you - Kari

  6. Rachel, You are truly blessed! I too would aspire to be much like your Mom. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog and all your honesty while in the moment.
    Tracy (Christen Owen's mom)