Friday, July 24, 2009

Moving Forward In BABY Steps

Aaah, the smile of one cast being removed. While it wasn't the day or good news we were expecting, we are all relieved for Kaden that his wrist has healed and is showing to be in perfect working order.

Then, there is the leg. The good news: the bone is still straight. He didn't experience great pain at the removal of the cast. The bad news: he had to have the whole leg cast put back on. The bone regrowth was minimal.

We put on great faces, smiled and ate lunch as a family. However, inside I am just so angry. I am so ready to be done with all of this. I don't understand why my little peanut has to always be the worst case scenario. 1% chance of surgery, that was him. 1% of pain after surgery that was him. Most probable to have bone regrowth and be in a smaller cast today, guess what? Yep, didn't quite meet the norm. I just hate it for him.

I hate it for all of us. It is wearing on us as a family. It is wearing on my business, Nate's passion, Carder's patience. And poor Kaden, he is so tired of this.

Ok, enough for the whining. The way I should be looking at this is that we will be healed. He will run and play again next spring.

What I wouldn't give to just have one more happy day with mom. With all of this knowledge, all of these trials, I would go back and live it up. What a lesson to be learned. Live a GREAT life every moment you have the chance, and don't let ANY silly circumstance cheat you of a minute of true happiness.

Praise be to God for his goodness. Please join me in prayer for bone regrowth to be amazing in Kaden's leg.

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  1. Well, my dear, I suppose in some way you do get to take a small amount of credit for the way Kaden is handling all this. Sometimes, I think it is hard not to let things get tiresome :) I mean really, it's just some kind of fatigue; mental, physical, just get tired. And really have had alot on your plate. If you were looking at you from the outside, what would you think, feel and say to this person, Rachelle. This Rachelle, person, wife, mother, daughter, friend? I bet in your head, you'd think, "Well, you have every right to be pissed and tired and sick of it all". You know, you just amaze me with your stamina. I think you're on the right track. Kind of going from the straight, "good" believing, faithful, loving, track to the fatigued, angry, "oh why me, why us" track...but bless your heart, because you're still always faithful Rachelle. What more can God ask? Or what more would your mom want or expect right now. You're still plodding along, working through it. For what its worth, I think you are really really really doing a great job. I love you very much. Thinking of you often and praying for all of you...