Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A New Reason To Smile

It's a BOY.

Twice today I received that news. My cousin, Shannon is going to have a boy. From what I understand his name will be Colin. HOW EXCITING! He is looking healthy and active, and Shannon told me via text that he was very active. He will be here in April, and our family needs a little added smile.

My one wish is that Mom could have been around to tell Aunt Vicki, "I told you so." Even Vicki was a little shocked by how crazy my parents became about their grandchildren. No two people have ever morphed into crazy loons like my parents morphed when I gave birth. However, I think when Shannon's little Colin arrives, we will see several people go insanely crazy with pampering and spoiling.

Second, I heard that Lindy gave birth to healthy Chase Ryan. My eyes filled with tears as I praised God for a wonderful delivery. My heart lept for joy as I cannot begin to imagine the incredible emotion that surrounded their family today. (One year ago, Lindy was on her honeymoon when she heard the news that she had lost her sister, niece[age 1] and nephew[age 3] to car accident -- they were hit by a drunk driver)

Life goes on. It is a hard reality. Yet, it also makes you treasure and choose more wisely. Today I am so grateful for the joy that is available if we just open up enough to enjoy it.

I cannot wait to meet Colin. I will have to take my mom's role in spoiling. Hmmmm, hard task, I think not!

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