Saturday, May 9, 2009

Carder's Goal!

Miracles do happen! Carder had a shot on goal at his soccer game today, and he MADE IT. Two years of soccer and our first goal. He shocked himself, and then turned and pumped his fists in the air to make sure I was watching. Unfortunately, Nate was across the field at Kaden's game, so the rest of the family had to hear Carder's long drawn out rendition of the play.

This is where joy meets grief. I walked across the field at half time to congratulate Carder and switch spots with Nate. As I kissed Carder, he said, "That was cool wasn't it?" I said yes, and pulled my phone out to tell mom. It was then I remembered I couldn't call her.

I know she saw the goal. I just wish we could have talked about it. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am choosing to just spend the day loving on my little ones and writing in my new journal all of the memories I can recall with my time with mom.

I made a promise to mom. I promised her that I would be happy. I promised her that I would live a GREAT life, and I will!

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