Monday, May 25, 2009

True Beauty

My mom could spot true beauty from a mile away. Sometimes it seemed she had xray vision into the hearts of others. She would often say, "Isn't she gorgeous," or "Isn't he handsome?" And I would think, "NO." Then she would follow her comment with an act of kindness that she had seen that person commit, or she would talk of their hardships in life and that they always wore a smile anyway.

Mom's eyes were always on the lookout for true beauty.In fact, just this past weekend I was reminded of a saying she would use in reference to L'erin. "She is so beautiful, and it just happens that she looks that way on the outside as well."

Mom was beautiful. She exuded beauty. Her confidence mixed with humbleness truly is a rarity in this day and age. She could laugh at herself, laugh at others and yet love in a bigger, better way than most. So many people said that mom became prettier as she aged. Most of those people were commenting on her outward appearance. However, the older she became the more she looked for the beauty in others. That is what I believe enhanced her beauty each and every day.

I only hope to be half of the woman my mother was. It is so hard now that she is gone to want to be better. It is hard to want to be more. It is so hard to just live. All I ache for is for her to say "I love you" one more time, or for her to say "I'm proud of you" one more time. She was more than my mother, she was my mentor. She was my friend. She was my rock.

She was true beauty.


  1. ahh Rachelle - if only you could see yourself the way others do. You are beautiful both on the inside and out! Your heart and soul are a perfect 10. You are that woman that you long to be. You are an amazing woman, friend, mother and wife. You give us your total honesty here and it helps so many of us for many different reasons. I wish to be half the woman that you are my friend. You are beautiful and your mom whispers I love you all the time, I know you hear it. I know you feel it Rachelle. I love you - Kari

  2. You are most beautiful..I have known it forever..I am so proud you are part of our family connected by love, memories, laughter, and mostly by His blood..You bring out the best in so many are your mother..a great compliment..Kim

  3. You continue to amaze me with your strength...which carries on your mom's legacy. She continues with you, through you and in you. And I know she is cheering you on. Many prayers continue in your behalf.
    Much love, Debbie S.