Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm so rich!

So as a little kid I remember saying to my mom, "I wish we were rich." Mom would smile that great big smile everytime and say, "I keep telling you, honey, we are the richest people on earth. Our whole family loves each other."

Over the years, I still constantly thought about how to change my life monetarily. As a teacher and preacher that didn't seem to be part of the plan. Then as I began my own business it was like something inside of my became alive again. My entrepreneurial mind was inherited from both mom and dad, and mom was a huge encouragement and help to me in my business. She said that over the past few years she saw the sparkle come back into my eyes that I had as a young girl, and she loved that I loved to work.

However, the bigger truth to the sparkle was that I liked who I was because I felt like I could use this business to help someone I loved achieve their dream. There is no greater posession than when you share genuine Christ-centered love with people. Since mom's death, her words have never been more true.

I feel guilty because I am surrounded by so many people that genuinely love me. I am truly one of the richest women on earth. I know that I am not my bubbly, fun-loving, call-you-back friend to most of you right now. But please know, your messages, posts, calls and texts make the hardest of moments easier to handle.

Much love to all of you


  1. Rachelle~ You are truly an inspiration to me. Your fire for God, life and people just amaze me!

  2. You know that you are a very gifted writer and speaker. I think you need to think about a book. You are blessed with saying the right things...phrases, sentences, verses that are appropriate, sincere, thought-provoking and mindful. I think you should think about that.

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