Friday, May 1, 2009

Month End, New Beginning

Since owning my own business, month end has become a 'tad' stressful to say the least. Mom loved working in manufacturing and month end was always crazy for her too. We would talk every month end. She wanted the inventory to go down, down, and down. I wanted sales up up and up. We would talk, text and email. On March 30th, we shared our last month end together on this earth. She was unable to respond at that point, but I talked with her just the same. Her coworkers came and told me to tell her to get well because the inventory was not looking good.

Over the many, many month-ends mom would often say, "What do you think God is trying to teach you through this?" Because in my business, it seemed there was a barrier I could not break through. Then in only mom's loving humor she would say, "Hurry up and learn it already I'm tired of this stress."

"Mom, I think I've learned the lesson. I think I had that barrier and that stress and all of that to work through because it just brought us closer in another part of our relationship. In the past 2-3 years I was able to learn from you as a business woman. Had I not struggled and toiled I may not have turned to you and leaned on you so much. God's infinite wisdom still astounds me."

Amazingly, now that mom is gone, thanks to wonderful self-sacrificing people, my last two month ends have been free from stress and remarkable growth months. The barrier I could not break has been broken, but not by my effort. Hopefully, I can be half of the woman that my mom was. She was selfless, funny, loving, ornery, faith-filled and beautiful. I have learned and pray I will never forget that the blessings of life are the relationships I enjoy during the trials and accomplishments of living.

Mayday marks a beautiful day of beginnings. So mom, "I think I've finally learned it. I am choosing to live a GREAT life today because of you."

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  1. HI Rachelle! Heather and I watched the video of your mom. She is so gorgeous, and what a presence! You seem alot like her. I'm glad you are having some good days. I think the fact that you are having those good and bad days is pretty healthy. The kids are just so incredible and full of personality.
    Sometimes I just shake my head at you, you are so committed to everything, and you give each person, idea, word so much thought...I admire your tenacity and spirit to live that GREAT life.