Thursday, April 30, 2009

Carder's Birth

April 30, 2002 was a day to remember! I had asked mom if she wanted to be in the delivery room, and she said she wasn't sure. She just couldn't handle the thought of me being in pain. She finally agreed to come after I had the pain meds.
Around lunchtime a dear friend of mine came to visit on her lunch hour. Mom, Nate, Kelly and I sat and laughed and told stories. As soon as Kelly had to leave to go back to work, my mom ran to the restroom and I told the nurse my hips were really aching. She checked me to find the baby's head was crowning. I'm not sure what the nurse said as she went back into the hall, but my mom heard her, and came back into the room absolutely frantic.
Right behind mom was the doctor and three pushes later Carder Seth entered the world. Mom just kept saying "Thank You, Thank You, this is so neat. Thank You for letting me be here." From that moment, Carder and mom shared a really special bond.

It was years later before we realized they shared the same temper. Carder would get mad, cross his arms and slam doors, and mom's reaction was hilarious. She would say, "You just don't understand how mad we get."
Carder is seven and mom is in heaven. Sounds like a kid's rhyme. But no matter how short the time, I am so grateful mom was able to experience Carder's life. They were truly two peas in a pod!

Carder during one of his fits at Gaga's house.


  1. Your blog is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing with us. It helps to remember your Mom and one of my greatest friends. Thank you, God for allowing her to be a part of our lives.

  2. Happy Birthday Carder! Time goes by way too fast! Your mom shared some hilarious and serious stories about Carder and then said he is just like me! So it will be amazing to see what great things he will do and Kaden too! They are good boys! Keep posting. Im sorry i use you to feel better but i do. I need to read your blog to make sure you are going to be okay. I know you will. Have a great weekend.