Friday, April 17, 2009

At Peace With Dad

Well, I'm sitting here in South Carolina in a sweatshirt. Evidently I brought the cold weather with me. Dad and I are so sad. Yet, together, we just feel better. It seems that when I am with someone that really knew mom, it feels better.

This morning I went to the coffee shop with Dad. We had a hoot of a time. Those old men are just hilarious, and kind. They think I look like I'm 27, so I might have to visit the coffee shop a lot more often. Hee Hee.

Dad and I are talking about the future, talking about the past, and just enjoying the present together. I am so fortunate to have the Dad I have. We are hoping to mark some of our things off of our to-do list today. We have dinner with Barbara and Steve tonight. Barbara was mom's boss and great friend at Cummins. I am looking forward to the stories they share tonight.

May God continue to bless our healing hearts with thoughts and memories of one of the greatest women to walk the earth.


  1. So happy that you are having moments of laughter and warmth...enjoy them. Miss you! p.s. I have all my windows open today! It smells spring is REALLY coming.

  2. Rachelle & Dennis,
    I think of you both throughout the day and pray that somehow God will keep you going...loving, laughing and enjoying your lives. You hear a hearty AMEN from me about Norm being one of the greatest women ever! Love to you,
    Debbie and Rick

  3. Rachelle & Dennis:
    Thinking of you. I was outside working yesterday and as I worked I was singing song-praise songs, but I just had a melody in my head and I was trying to remember the words. Couldn't find the words, so I was making up my own words! Then it hit me. Norm used to do that. She told me once that God told her he loved her songs. I know that she is still with us in love and in her spirit. The memories that I have of her are a great comfort. Now I am singing songs like she did. Wasn't she a good example. God is good all the time. He reminded me of that in the song.
    Love to both of you, SG