Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Days

We are on day 100 of rain in northern Illinois. Not really, but it sure feels like it. Funny, I am normally a rain lover but this is becoming a little bit much even for my standards. If I wanted to experience this much rain I would have moved to Seattle.

What I mean is, I normally love rainy days. God's incredible plan to water the earth has always been a source of peace that his plan is always sufficient and creative. I also have a very vivid memory of mom and dad and I at our house in Oblong in the spring. We had been mushroom hunting and it started pouring down and instead of rushing for cover, mom started laughing and jumping in puddles saying, "We're in the mushrooms, we're in the mushrooms."

Tonight, we had a food distribution night for the church. To be honest, I just didn't want to go. However, I find that if I push myself to do things then I actually feel so much better. As always, serving is the best medicine for any situation. Of course, it started to rain and we had to wrap up shop early, but again God is good, and we were able to disperse the majority of the food. Plus, we made it home before the big downpour began.

God's blessings are as plentiful as the raindrops in a thunderstorm, I think it just comes down to whether we count the blessings we receive or whether we choose to look at the puddles instead of the rainbows.

I catch myself looking at puddles more lately, but in my heart I know that God is so good, mom is so happy, and I am so blessed and rainbows are just around the corner.

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  1. Oh Rachelle - I so know what you mean about looking at all the puddles around me. I do that way too much and I have told myself to stop, but I just don't. I will say to you what you said to me in one of my darkest moments, I was down and full of despair and pain and hurt. You told me that I have two beautiful boys that I have to be strong for, be a positive influence for. You told me I am a smart, beautiful woman and I bless many people around me. Rachelle - I am here today telling you that you have been a great inspiration in my life and our many heart to hearts have given me hope, given me new meaning on life. I am here telling you that you are a smart, beautiful, courageous woman and your two boys are blessed to have you as their mother. Your very being is a blessing to anyone that comes in contact with you. Your honesty, sometimes harsh is a blessing to me and I am so very thankful you are in my life. I miss talking to you and sometime if you ever want to get back to the "old" Rachelle as you call it, I am sure I could muster up some issues I need assistance on!!! Love ya Rachelle - hope to talk soon - Kari