Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dad and I just got back from the flea market. On the way home, a man called, "Yak-Yak" telephoned Dad. He needed his weed-eater fixed. We stopped by and after just a few minutes we were back on our way. Dad and I discussed this wonderful little old man. He comes into the coffee shop on a rare occasion only when someone can come and take care of his wife. His wife has alzeheimer's.

Today we are reminded that the way that mom left the earth is a blessing. It is a blessing to her. Not our blessing, but her blessing indeed. Yes, we miss her. Yes, we cry, we ache, we hurt like we have never hurt before, but in reality her blessing came by not having time to worry for us at her loss.

If you knew mom, you knew that her heart was always about those she loved. She worried about how her life affected others more than how her life affected her.

Today, after the visit to "Yak-Yak," we talked about that we would never have wanted her to suffer an illness where she thought someone would have to take care of her. That would have crushed her spirit. Praise be to God, Our Father, for knowing her well, loving her intensely and blessing her completely.

Dad and I will somehow pull it together, and live a life of greatness that will cause God to smile (and of course, mom too)!


  1. Awesome Rachelle. God has his hand in everything. Watching someone suffer or try to battle for their life is hard! Praise to God for not allowing your mom any of that. He knows he can carry you and your dad through this and He will! Love you. Kari

  2. Rachelle I hope you and Dennis made it home safe! Still praying for you everyday!!!

  3. Just saw Nate at small group...he looks good; calmer, more at peace. Which makes me think that you are having a better day? I hope so. I'm glad you brought your dad back with you. I would think that the boys would be good for him too.

    I was not fortunate enough to know your mother Rachelle, but I wish I had! love you and miss you...sara

  4. Betty Lockhart-OblongMay 19, 2009 at 6:11 PM

    Not sure if you really know who I am, but probably know my daughter, Dawn Lockhart Wiles.
    I didn't know how to contact you or your dad at the time, but your mom was such a very special person, she was such an inspiration to everyone!! I was so sorry I could not attend the memorial service for her but I watched and re-watched the photo tribute you had for her. How wonderful it was, it still brings tears to my eyes because I miss her so much...still missed her so much from when they left Oblong, but I know how HAPPY she is this very minute.(between her and Fannie Roberts...I'm not sure just how things can be calm or quiet up in Heaven...the two of them were so much alike, loving the Lord, loved life!!!) Your mom, Carolyn B. and I made lots of trips together to Newton for our weekly painting classes several years ago. It wasn't so much the painting as was the FUN times we had going, coming and while there. There was ALWAYS something funny that happened or stories she would tell.She just always kept everyone laughing and I looked so forward to those nights we spent together.
    I lost my mom 5 1/2 years ago, and no it is never easy, but with that inner peace that comes, you learn to accept what you cannot change, and that it is only "human nature" to miss them and wish them here with us, but we really know that they are "ok". Also, as you said, getting through all the "firsts" is an accomplishment and realize that life here goes on. I also read the book 90 min. in Heaven just a few months after my mom's passing. It was really comforting to read it, even though we KNOW what the Bible says, all that we will possess in Heaven,etc. but this book just sort of brought it to our level here on Earth for our minds to comprehend a little more. I thought it was a wonderful book.
    When I saw your name on FAcebook, (which I am all new at..)but I thought, ok, now I can actually email you a message and let you know how many times I think of you and your family and that I will always feel so very priviledged to have known your mom. Take care and live that wonderful life you promised your mom you would do, and live it through her teachings.
    Betty Lockhart