Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cadbury Egg

Funny story about mom. When I was little, I had my same taste for chocolate and sweets as I do now. My mom always did as well. However, I detested eggs of any kind. So, as Easter was approaching, someone gave us Cadbury eggs. My mom told me I would not like them because they were "egg" in the middle. I believed her and wouldn't think of touching them. Then, as Easter dawned and we went to grandma's house, Granny Putt gave me a Cadbury egg. I scrunched my nose up and told her, "Grandma, I don't like eggs." Mom turned all red and admitted to me that it was candy. Grandma was super mad, and mom just giggled that funny giggle and shrugged her shoulders in her usual ornery way. To this day, I don't like Cadbury Eggs. It is a mental thing. Funny part is that I love real eggs now, almost every kind.

Today was a really hard day. I headed back to church for the first time. I did really well until communion time. It was as if it took on new meaning. We commune with God until the day we are reunited with Him, and I realize I won't ever share some of those most intimate spiritual talks with my mom until we are reunited again in heaven.

I am so thankful for incredible friends. What would I do without the love of those around me. Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy your life, and make it a GREAT day!


  1. well you did good today. I think its very hard to go back to "real" life, especially when you have to jump in and do it in such a big way, (like seeing EVERYONE on the planet at one sitting, when I know that I would still want to be curled up in the fetal position). You and I aren't the most comfortable people crying in front of others, but AGAin, since we are human I know the frailty in that lies more in my head than anyone elses. But it still doesn't make it easy.

    So, keep putting one foot in front of the other, but don't feel bad if there are times you just can't or don't want to...I believe that we are all entitled to those moments. One of my mom's favorite sayings, "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me. I guess I'll go in the garden and eat worms"! Sometimes, I just need to go eat the worms...I know it will pass. I know I won't feel like that forever; so right now, in the context of an hour or a day, or whatever we need, I think its ok.

  2. Your mom was an amazing woman who raised an amazing daughter...she would be so proud of you Rachelle. Keep putting one foot in front of the other...this day is the day that we have been blessed with. I'm learning through adversity (as are you) that He wants us to make the very most of THIS moment. We continue to pray for you...Much love, Debbie and Rick