Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Good Time Away

Nate and I had a great night away. We ate some great food, watched some great entertainment, and I SLEPT for hours and hours. Wow, that felt so good.

We came back to a clean house and clean laundry. Dad is a Super Dad. Baking cookies for the kids just like Gaga did, and taking care of the house much, much better than I ever do. We are going to have dinner tonight, and relax after a great afternoon of playing outside. Papaw and Carder went to Kaden's soccer practice, and this time together is so great for all of us.

I feel the best today that I have so far. Sleep is an incredible healer to my soul... at least for a few hours anyway.

As I look to our near future, I see some things happening that could truly help me feel like I have some room to heal and become that greater woman that mom would be proud of. As I look around, I am truly amazed by the wonderful people that surround me. Everyday, I am humbled by the kind acts of friends, acquaintences and family.

Thank you for the constant prayers, constant encouraging words, constant phone calls, texts and emails. Even when I may seem miles away, I read, hear and feel the love in every message and it sustains me in a way I cannot convey.


  1. Yeah! So thrilled that you feel somewhat rejuvenated, even if it is just for today. Enjoy your evening at home, the sun and the smell of spring! You just keep taking baby steps and eventually they will lead you somewhere.

    Thinking of you all,

  2. Rachelle, You amaze me....your mom would be proud. So I'll say it for her...I am so proud of you! Debbie