Friday, April 10, 2009

Fighting, Not Whining

Well, today has been better. I decided yesterday to have a better day, and so far it has been. I joined a gym today. Exercise is supposed to help with grief and depression....we shall see!

Kaden has his first soccer practice of the season last night, and Carder has his tonight. The good news = their schedules do not conflict; the bad news=we have soccer practice M-F from 5-5:45 and Saturday Games until JUNE. The boys also received their report cards yesterday, and once again they were perfect. I am so proud of them.

Tomorrow I think we will go shopping for new soccer gear, spring clothes and a new attitude for me. Dad and I have been talking on the phone when he hears it ring (LOL) and laughing and coping day to day the best we can.

So today was a day of mentally fighting for good thoughts and productivity. Fighting, not whining, mom would be proud of this day.

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